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Who is ConnectivIQ?

Proactive, whole organisation-focused and strategic

Imagine a world where people, information and intelligence for organisations is presented with a new and pragmatic approach. Operations, management and protection of people and information becoming simplistic, effective and efficient for the organisation. ConnectivIQ provides a range of services to help with the people and information attributes of the organisation and provides a holistic and relevant intelligence service for the organisation. These attributes improve systems and processes while creating a positive work culture/experience for staff and customers.

Want to play a game of Chess??

Chess is a game based on strategy. We move our pieces, with predefined moves, into strategic locations on the chess board to take over the opponent’s pieces. It is not about a single move, or single piece on the board, but about the entire board and how they interact throughout the game.

At ConnectivIQ, we consult with organisations strategically, looking at the people, information and intelligence aspects collaboratively, to ensure that the business achieves its desired outcomes. Without understanding the people attribute in the organisation, and without the correct and relevant intelligence in the organisation, information management and protection can be a tedious task to fulfil on its own.

The world we operate in.

An organisation is only as good as the people that operate within it. People are the single most valuable attribute to a business because they perform the work required for the organisation to achieve its outcomes. People provide the emotional intelligence and culture within the organisation, that gives the organisation its identity with the people that work in it. Information in the organisation is only as good as the people that process and store it. Information is secondary to the people because it is the people that builds the information, processes it and generates the knowledge and intelligence for the organisation.

Assessing and proactively improving organisational behaviour, emotional intelligence, together with good transformational support is how organisations achieve their growth and deliver reliable and succinct outcomes to the business both internally and externally.

We are in an Information Age, and it has become one of the single most valuable items in an organisation. It provides insight into how the business is performing, supports the staff and stakeholders, provides informed and desired outcomes to customers, and delivers the key outcomes as described in the organisation’s strategy. Information, as we can see, is used for pragmatic and positive purposes. However, information can also be used for malicious purposes by actors such as hackers, state actors and other people (internally and externally of the organisation), who want to increase negative competition or hurt the organisation.

Intelligence services for organisations have never been as valuable up until now. Understanding the current internal operations and providing constant and proactive services and feedback of any t information loss to the public Internet and dark/deep web, is essential. The legislation is increasing around information protection and reporting of breaches of customer information. Being proactive is the only way to ensure that the organisation does not fall victim to the large penalties which can be imposed by the regulation and legislative bodies.

ConnectivIQ provides intelligence services for organisations who are conducting due diligence exercises on their supply chain, third party vendors, or even monitoring director/executive presence and activity on the public and deep web. These services extend to mergers & acquisitions and are used by professional services organisations, such as accounting and legal offices, as well as organisations where the digital black market is a challenge for that organisation.

We consult and provide a collaborative approach around people, information and intelligence. Information management and protection challenges in organisations are created by the people in the organisation. Often the first point of instigation. Understanding the behaviour of these people, and how they interact with the information, provides insight into how information may be compromised or affected in the organisation.

Partnerships and Strategic Alliances

At ConnectivIQ, we do not try to solve every challenge ourselves. We partner with like-minded organisations who provide excellence in their designated areas of consulting and delivery of services to organisations. These partnerships are valuable to ConnectivIQ so we can provide broader and a more focused skillset to organisations.

The Team

“We build safe workplaces to increase performance”- Thomas Jreige – Founder ConnectivIQ.

ConnectivIQ is a team of experts in their designated areas, that provide high level and quality consulting for organisations in the people, process and technology domains. We provide strategic and tactical (pragmatic?) advice to solve challenges presented in the organisation, and with this, can provide a hybrid approach across our three areas of people, information and intelligence.

Our team is made up of the following key staff members:

  • Thomas Jreige, Founder and Executive Advisor

  • Kristen Rayson, Founder and Principal Advisor

  • Kylie de Klerk, Executive Advisor

  • Mayumi Laughton-Smith, Executive Liaison.

Thomas Jreige, Founder and Executive Advisor

Thomas is a strategic and innovative managing consultant. He has over 20 years’ experience in industries including national security, critical infrastructure, banking and finance, mining, oil and gas, manufacturing and transportation. He has held senior positions in organisations, leading and delivering information security and intelligence advisory and consulting services in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Operational Technology (OT). His career has taken him to throughout Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the Middle East North Africa Region (MENA. With a reputation for his highly pragmatic approach, Thomas understands the commercial importance of strong information and security governance, and how the implementation of intelligent and appropriate controls around information and security, supports business objectives. Embracing emerging technologies and change, he is always looking for ways to deliver improved capabilities to clients.

Kristen Rayson, Founder and Principal Advisor

Kristen is a personable, humorous and empathetic person and advisor in ConnectivIQ and is our lead quality control and business operations manager. With a diverse background spanning over 25 years, Kristen has worked in retail, education, employment, energy & utilities, and the travel and hospitality sectors. Kristen has worked with people/customers and associated business partners for some of the largest organisations in Australia. Exposure to these sectors has provided Kristen with strong skills in customer service and client engagement. From these positions held, she has also developed focused consultative skills in engaging with the organisation’s working with the development and presentation of client requirements to achieve the best outcomes for work required by the client. Kristen is a firm believer in transparency, both personally and professionally, and that long-term relationships are essential to achieve longevity for the organisation and develop more significant business relationships.

Kylie de Klerk, Executive Advisor

Kylie is both a strategic big picture thinker, as well as detail-focused when it comes to organisational culture, diversity and team dynamics. Over 15 years working in high-pressure, globally recognised and multicultural organisations, have given her a wealth of experience in business acumen and the development of high-performance and culturally healthy teams. Kylie has enjoyed optimising team engagement, organisational intelligence and business performance in South Africa, the UK and Australia. She has worked across numerous industries including Healthcare, Aged Care and Pharmaceutical industries, Education and Technology. Kylie thrives in the complexity of human relationships and dynamics in the workplace. She enjoys the process of optimising the connections and efficiencies between culture, communication, leadership, motivation and emotional intelligence. She has seen the power of truly engaged employees, and she uses her lifetime of exposure to diversity and inclusion as a catalyst for workplace improvement solutions.

Mayumi Laughton-Smith, Executive Liaison

Building relationships in business, especially in sensitive and diverse markets outside of Australia, is critical for healthy organisational operation and driving of business objectives. Mayumi is well versed in relationship building and cultural intelligence practices, especially in markets such as Japan, UK, Hong Kong and the greater Asia market. Mayumi works closely with the Japanese Community in Perth and with State/Federal Government as an event planner, collaborator and relationship manager for major Japanese events occurring and in her capacity as Vice President of the Australia Japan Society of WA. She provides ConnectivIQ invaluable relationship building, cultural liaison and account management skills to maintain its strong and valuable relationships in the Australian and Asian markets.